MaaP Studio

“MaaP Studio is Monika and Andrzej, two artists sculptors specializing in handmade artisan porcelain and sterling silver jewelry, personalized and custom pieces, handmade engagement rings , bridal jewelry, wedding rings bands , necklaces and earrings, groom’s accessories.

My name is Monika and I am the designer and the sculptor behind MaaP Studio. I was born in Zakopane, a ”magical place” surrounded by the Polish Tatra Mountains. The presence of the mountains nearly in my backyard had a hypnotic effect on my perceptions. It was in Zakopane that I created my first designs, mostly sculptures made in wood. From there I moved to Gdansk where I gained a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Ceramics. Living on the coast of the Baltic Sea completely changed my way of seeing objects, making me a keen observer of structure and tensions within material.

Whilst studying for my Master’s I found out that clay and me are the perfect match! After I graduated I moved to UK with my husband. Soon after that, I became a mum and many things changed in my life. I thus started to think about smaller projects. In 2008 I bought my first kiln and designed floral ceramic wall tiles that, with time, transformed into small floral beads. That was the start of my journey with jewellery and I never looked back.

My jewellery is made from Parian porcelain which, left unglazed, gives a soft feel to the ceramic pieces. It all starts with the concept and then my hands take over. There are many hours spent in the workshop on modeling, quite often during that process new pieces are created. Porcelain is a challenging material and requires a lot of patience. My aim is to extend its material possibilities in order to bring about unique pieces.” –



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