Jill Ford

“Jill Ford Ceramics is based in my rural studio pottery in Ellerton where I make wall pieces and thrown bowls and vases. Responding to the changing seasons work is inspired by landscapes on the Lower Derwent Ings adjacent to my studio, where winter flooding produces vast areas of standing water. Textures and patterns of trees, grasses, muddy pathways and water provide endless starting points. I am also attracted to beaches and coastal cliffs that yield fascinating eroded rock formations often encrusted with shells and marine life. I throw simple elegantly shaped pots on the wheel, creating tall standing forms, large wide open bowls and more complex altered forms. Porcelain is chosen for its beautiful inherent characteristics: smoothness, whiteness, translucency and its appearance of delicate fragility that belies great strength.

Barnacle Shell pots are thrown and turned very thinly then decorated with hundreds of holes resembling barnacle shells. The porcelain is painstakingly stretched and bored through to create distinctively ridged openings, excavating as much clay as possible without compromising the form. Marine themes are echoed in the Pebble range, decorated with satin glaze and washed back black stain that produces subtle blues and soft greys reminiscent of moody seas at midnight. Wall pieces begin as sketches out in the field, then refined into watercolour sketches in the studio. Ideas are developed and tested before translating onto porcelain tiles. I use a variety of techniques to create sumptuous tactile surfaces. – working both into the clay by carving and sgraffitio marks and by building up the surfaces with applied slip. Glossy glaze perfectly highlights areas of water and contrast with parts that are left unglazed or with a matt finish. Wall pieces are supplied slate grey mount board inside grey frames with a subtle silver insert.” – http://jillford.com/


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