Gavin Burnett

“Having trained at Edinburgh College of Art and left with a BA(Hons) in Applied Arts, I have continued to work in the ceramic industry, including ceramic and glass specialist in schools and art colleges as well as continuing as a practising artist.

Porcelain is a challenging material to work with but its unique qualities as a clay body has driven me to investigate it’s wide potential through slip casting, hand building and throwing.

Fascinated by process and enhancing a technique, I have explored the traditional glass cutting technique ‘battuto’ to create a highly textured, tactile surface on porcelain forms. This cutting technique allows me to exploit the materials translucent nature seeing the interior colour illuminating the exterior. I work intensively and methodically, absorbing the processes through production. The faceted flowing forms are individually created though an almost intuitive mark making.

The forms I create are another important element of my work. I am naturally drawn to designing objects that have a function. I enjoy the relationship with user and object. Many of the pieces I produce often immerge from abstract details in art, architecture and/or interior design.”-


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