Kristin Nelson

Ceramics are my passion and way of life. What I find so amazing about working in clay is that the possibilities are boundless! It is a very direct medium. Just pick up some clay and start making stuff! If you make a mistake, squish it up and start again.

Each one of my vase and lamp shapes has started as a ball of clay. The resulting, unique form is slightly irregular and possesses charm and character that a machine-made object would never have.

Objects made by hand bring warmth and personality to a room. And, the more we interact with the modern high tech world, the more refreshing and pleasing handmade things become to us.

Creating with clay is fulfilling and it is stimulating to figure out how to get things to market. I get pleasure out of putting in an honest days work in my studio in part because I believe my products can make a difference in the surroundings in which they are placed and bring a spark of joy to those who use them.
Handmade pieces have the potential to make one feel more down to earth, more human and happier. If you can add a little nature to that, (flowers for example!), it’s even better. –




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