Marieanne Cavaciuti

“I love the excitement of opening the kiln after firing, the treasures and surprises from the experiments conducted every time! I’m so inspired by the beauty of nature all around as I work in the outside most days and enjoy finding fossils on the nearby Jurassic coast and plants around the farm and garden.

It all started when I was a small child making tiny bowls with clay scraped from behind the classroom. I returned to ceramics after a breakdown in my teens and it helped me recover. I bought my own potter’s wheel and gas kiln in my late teens and worked as a sculptor in Dorset.

For many years there was no time or room to do pottery with 4 young kids until my youngest started school, I went back to pottery lessons and was asked to help teach the class. My husband built my 1st pottery studio under the damson trees, where I taught pottery and made my own work.

We now live on a small farm in the beautiful Devon countryside where I work mostly outside. We have a few animals, bed and breakfast rooms and a holiday cottage. I will be teaching pottery in the Spring 2017 and we are hoping run pottery retreats on the farm.” –


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